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Julia Woodland - Hypnotherapy

Hi, my name is Julia ~


I’m a holistic Health and Life Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

I help women like you overcome your sugar cravings and live a healthier, more vibrant life.


I realised I had a problem with sugar when one Christmas myself and my husband consumed 10, yes, 10 JARS OF CHOCOLATES between us over a period of 2 months! (We always started our ‘Xmas Eating’ at the beginning

of November).


I wish now I’d taken a photo of all those empty containers in our pantry because I’m sure nobody believed us when we told them.

BUT WE KNEW – that’s all that mattered.


We had the AMAZING RESULTS, (being sarcastic here), to show for it.

The excess weight, the mood swings, the sugar hangovers, the constant tiredness, and the constant sugary pangs.


I know all about the shame, guilt, and sheer frustration of not being in control of my sugar cravings.


The thing that worried me the most if I continued down this path was my health.


I could end up with diabetes not to mention the endless medication and hefty hospital bills that could incur.


I was already feeling the effects sugar was having on my body.


So, I decided there and then to do something about it.


Enough was enough!


So, this is why I created my 6-week program:



so I could help women overcome their sugar cravings and take back control of their lives again.




Tired of the constant sugar cravings? 


Ready to take back that control? 


Ready to bid farewell to sugar cravings and transform your health and energy level? 

Imagine starting each day with a healthier mindset and an improved relationship with sugar.

Well now you can.

You know eating too much sugar is not good for you, but you can’t seem to stop.


You say, “Never again,” but that very same day you are reaching for another sugary treat.  Does this all sound familiar?


Can you imagine how it would feel to overcome your sugar cravings?


How would your life be different if you could break free from the grips of sugar?


Imagine living a life free from the constraints of sugar.


Imagine the freedom of overcoming sugar cravings.


Picture a healthier, happier you with more confidence, effortless weight loss, a youthful appearance, glowing skin, increased energy, clarity, and a positive influence on your family.


The good news is that it’s all possible for you.


I help women to overcome their sugar cravings and live a healthier, more vibrant life.


I can help you to learn the skills, tools, and strategies to ‘Kick the Sugar Habit’ and break free from the grips of sugar.



Is a 6-week program to help you:


Overcome your sugar cravings and break free from the grips of sugar.


Learn how to overcome your sugar cravings so that you can live a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.


By the end of this program, you’ll have a better understanding of your relationship with sugar. 


You’ll recognise and identify your emotional eating triggers. You’ll master mindful eating. 


You will reclaim your control over your health and wellbeing and break free from the 

shackles of sugar.


Inside this 6-week program.


You will receive:


A powerful intensive 2-hour Hypnotherapy Session tailored to address your sugar cravings and reinforce healthier habits.


The session will be via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.


You will also receive a 20-minute personalised recording for you to listen to for 30 days to reinforce your new healthy habits.


This is a breakdown of the coming weeks.


Week 1. Understanding your relationship with sugar.


Week 2. Decluttering and reorganising your environment.


Week 3. Mindful Eating.


Week 4. Identifying Emotional Eating Triggers.


Week 5. Exploring Healthy Alternatives.


Week 6. Living a Sugar Free Life.


The investment for this life-changing program is: $1,800.


Here’s what some of my clients have experienced.


“Within 3 months I’d dropped 10lbs without meaning to.” ~ Dan J.


“I look and feel much healthier and much younger.” ~ Margaret R.


“Finally, I feel in control of my eating rather than the other way round." ~ Francis U.


“The waistbands on all my trousers (pants) are getting looser. I am truly witnessing a new relationship with food." ~Lyn M.


So this is for women who really want to make that change.


I can’t wait to meet you inside:

 ‘KICK THE SUGAR HABIT.’- program.


Have questions?


 Send me a message:


Email me at:


If you would like to book a Discovery Call? - click on the link below:


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