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There’s nothing worse than when you’ve come up with a brilliant idea or plan for your business or you’re wanting to change on a personal level and put yourself out there.

BUT as soon as you start thinking about your new plans or ideas and you start to get excited, you can see yourself there, you dream of great things to come, instantly your brain kicks in, it has other ideas and instantly downloads a flurry of negativity and squashes them!

In an INSTANT you go from a state of euphoria to a state of panic!

You instantly feel panicky, your heart starts racing, you breakout into a sweat, and you’re paralysed with fear.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel like a great idea anymore and you start back peddling.

“Who do I think I am wanting to do this?” “The market is saturated with the same idea, who am I to think it will work for me?” “Nobody’s going to be interested in that?” “What if it goes wrong and I look like a fool?” “What if it does succeed and I can’t cope with the pressure?”

That feel good factor has just gone out of the window!