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Are you hiding in the shadows? Peering through the veil?

Are you spending all your time updating and perfecting your website? Doing admin work etc? Doing the 'behind the scenes' work instead of showing up?

You want to write compelling content, but you find yourself looking at a blank screen on your computer. You can't put yourself out there. You don't know what to talk about.

When you do post or blog all you get is crickets. This can be so disheartening. No response, no likes, NOTHING!

But when it comes down to it you just can't get going. You haven't the confidence to show up and be the face, messenger and authoritative figure of your business.

This is such a common occurrence in small businesses, where you want to shine, you really want to succeed, but find yourself lurking in the shadows due to feelings of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure. Not feeling good enough. Feelings of inadequacy. Feelings of not knowing enough. Imposter syndrome. But, by playing small you sabotage your changes of success.