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Slowly start tweaking your habits. Become more self aware and mindful about what you do each day to achieve that.

Ask yourself - "Is it getting me closer to where I want to be, who I want to become?"

I got this great advice from a wonderful business coach yesterday, about journalling your intentions.

Apparently if you journal or write your intentions down on paper, and you look at them daily you have 80% more chance of achieving them.

You only have to put a few things down for that week, so its scalable. You don't want to overwhelm yourself

It could be that you're always late all the time and you've decided that this year you are going to make a concerted effort to be on time.

It could be starting that business you've always wanted to do. Again, baby steps, do what needs to be done first. Introduce yourself on Facebook or whatever platform you use. Let your audience know what you do and build rapport with potential clients.

It could be improving your relationships with your partner/friends or work colleagues etc.

Being more present at work, expressing yourself, setting boundaries, asking for that raise, even putting forward a new proposal or idea at work.

It could be arranging a date night with your partner once a week. So you can enjoy time together without distractions.

It could be having a get-together with your friends and catching up with things.

It could be spending more time with your family, trips away, enjoying that time together.

It could be starting that new exercise regime you're always saying you are going to do, by setting your alarm and getting up an extra half an hour earlier so you can incorporate it into your day.

It could be starting a new healthy mindset around eating. Just starting with one meal at a time. Something as simple as cutting out sugary cereal for oatmeal or fresh fruit for breakfast. Again baby steps.

It could be starting a new course on line, joining an online exercise class so it fits in with your schedule.

It could be going out more on walks with your pets.

It could be de-cluttering your home, and making space for yourself. Where you feel more comfortable, at peace and productive. Again de-clutter one room at a time.

It could be going out to social events, even dancing classes so you can socialize with new people and expand your horizons.

It could be gardening, sprucing up the backyard. Getting rid of any debris. Or maybe you want to put a new feature point in, like a patio, or fountain for the summer etc.

It could be learning any new skill that you are excited about.

Whatever it is you get to DECIDE TODAY!

Just some small tweaks implemented into your every day routine will eventually impact your life 10-fold!

"Slow and steady wins the race!" - We've all heard that expression.

You don't have to go at anything full guns, you don't want to get discouraged, overwhelmed or burnt out and find after a few weeks it gets put back on the back burner

- just go SLOW and STEADY.

So TODAY, you get to DECIDE to BECOME the person you want to be.

Let me know how it goes.

Love always.


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