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Why do you do what you do?

Was it because you wanted to work from home so you no longer had to find childcare? Was it because you wanted to spend more quality time with your family? Was it because you wanted to get out of the rat race? Was it because you wanted to be your own boss? Was it because you wanted to take back control of your destiny? Was it because you wanted to be in control of your own financial future? Was it because you wanted to be able to travel whenever it suited you?


When you feel yourself drifting off course. When you feel stuck, or you procrastinate . When you find yourself hiding away from the world when things get too challenging and overwhelming. When nothing seems to stick. When you feel disillusioned. When things aren't going as quickly as you'd like. You're not getting the results you want. You just want to give up. You can't see the point of it. Is it really worth it?

You must remember your WHY. Always go back to your WHY.

Your WHY is a strong anchor in a stormy sea. It grounds you. It keeps you focused. Your WHY is the key! Your WHY is the reason you started all this in the first place.

It's the sugar in your coffee or tea! It's the sweetener. It's what keeps you going. It's what gets you up in the morning ready to face a new day. It's what you embrace each and every day. It lights you up. It's your passion. It's uniquely what you're all about.

It's so important to have that purpose. You must fully embrace it. It's yours to own.

So whenever you have a bad day, because we all do, it's just life's way. Things come to test us, it's what we do about with it that matters. Don't let those bad days hold you back. The sun always comes back, but in the meantime...

Always remember your WHY! Your WHY is yours to live by.

Remember WHY you started your business. Don't ever give up. Find a way!

Love always.


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