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Dont wait!

Create that life you want - that person you want to be.

Don't wait for others permission

Don't wait until it's right.

Don't wait until you're ready.

Don't wait until it's perfect (that day never comes).

Whatever you want in your life you have to take responsibility.

You are responsible for your own life, no one else.

You want to change - you have to be the change. No one else.

You have to step into it, embrace it.

It doesn't matter what others think.

It doesn't matter how messy it is, or challenging.

Doubting yourself. Being fearful. It's all part of the grand scheme of things.

It's just life.

These obstacles make us grow stronger, give us the resilience to go on. They empower us.

There's always a message to be learned.

So step out of your comfort zone. Be the change you want to be.

Don't wait for others permission.

Whatever you're thinking of starting do it now. There's no time like the present.

You've got this!

Love always


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