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How do you get out of that comfort zzzzzzzone?

It's a proven fact that most people will readily help and inspire other people than help themselves.

They will be a cheerleader for their friends, but so bad at working on themselves.

If this is you and you want to get out of your comfort zone but feel struck just imagine what living your dream would be like, living to your full potential, how that would inspire and motivate the people in your life.

If you feel frustrated, anxious, depressed - these are usually signs that you are not challenging yourself enough.

This is your mind and body's way of saying it's time for a shake up, wake up call for you to challenge yourself, learn something new, expand, and the only way to do that is by taking small baby steps.

It is overwhelming and scary at first, but when you start and gain momentum you find the courage and determination to follow through with all aspects of your life.

Just something simple as taking a different route to work. Trying a new exercise class. Experimenting with new foods and drinks. I dare you to sit in a coffee bar on your own, take your tablet or computer with you as a 'go to' tool. Strike up a conversation with someone in your local grocery store. Get in touch with someone that inspires you so they can tell your their personal growth story.

Most people won't get out of their comfort zone because the pain they are feeling isn't great enough for them to change.

Their body isn't great, but it's ok! Their relationships are fine. Their job is stable, although mundane and they get a weekly/monthly cheque so things are alright, something will come up in the future.

The only time people will change on a dime is if they are confronted with a dramatic event in their lives. A divorce, a loss of a loved one, unemployed etc.

Don't wait for this to happen.

Don't be like a ship without its anchor allowing the gales and storms and waves to govern its path.

Take control of your destiny, take action... remember baby steps... we weren't meant to sit still we are supposed to explore, learn and grow into a better version of ourselves.

If you feel this is you, you feel that enough is enough and you NEED and WANT a change in your life -

I'm offering a FREE, no OBLIGATION, confidential, 30 minute (Discovery Call), consultation call with myself so we can discover and clarify what is holding you back. What challenges you are experiencing in your life and ways to move forward.

This is such an exciting moment for me as I see so many people 'come into their own.'

They find renewed confidence, they regain trust in themselves once again.

They push through that comfort zone.

It's a beautiful transformation and I am honoured to be part of their journey of self discovery.

Click the link below go to ‘Services’ and book a Free Initial 30 minute Discovery Call.

Love always.


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