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I went to bed restless last night and inevitably had a sleepless night, my mind was on that spinning hamster wheel of worry and strife.

This morning I woke up feeling deflated and defeated before I’d even got out of bed.

I switched off my alarm on my cell and there right in front of me on my newsfeed was this headline

“People stunned by mind trick that instantly stops your thoughts.” It was on Tik Tok.

Everyone has around 6,000 thoughts a day, many of them are negative.

Apparently he said it was a Jedi trick to slow down and quieten your mind, what had I got to lose?

This is what you need to do.

You say to yourself , “WHAT’S MY NEXT THOUGHT GOING TO BE? taking a pause for a couple of minutes, if a thought comes in, pause and let it go, then again from a relaxed place say WHAT’S MY NEXT THOUGHT GOING TO BE? pause, release that thought, if one comes in at all, then repeat again. Do this at least 5 times.

It actually worked? My mind was still. It was calm and had slowed down all the busyness and anguish in my head had all gone. It was definitely a ‘thought interrupt.’

Apparently it said in the article it works well for people who suffer with ADHD who struggle with focus and concentration.

He credited it to Eckhart Tolle, his book - ‘The Power of Now and a New Earth.’

Give it a try, let me know how you get on.

Love always

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