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Are you experiencing the chained elephant syndrome? Have you heard the story? Seen pictures of an elephant been held by a puny rope that's staked in the ground? At an early age a baby elephant is tethered to a rope or chain that's staked into the ground so it can't escape. It pulls and fights to escape, but the rope is too strong, the stake is too big and too hard to pull out the ground. It keeps trying time and time again until eventually the elephant gives up and resides itself to the fact there is no escape. As this majestic, beautiful, powerful creature gets older and bigger the rope and stake remains the same size. It could quite easily rip that stake out of the ground, but it won't. Why? Because it believes it can't! It hold the limiting beliefs that is CAN'T. So what limiting beliefs are you accepting about yourself that keep you tethered? Self imposing limiting beliefs you tell yourself time and time again, over and over again! The good news is it doesn't have to be that way for us we can remove those shackles. We can free ourselves! We can choose to upgrade our way of thinking. We get to choose! So what self imposing limiting beliefs are you going to change today? That no longer hold true for you. That no longer serve you. You get to choose! Love always. Julia

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