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Francis. from the UK

Julia did an RTT session for me around issues I was having with self sabotaging my journey to becoming a healthier weight for my size.  Julia quickly put me at ease and I felt really comfortable opening up to her.  The hypnosis part was very interesting and Julia took me back to the source of where my issues came from, which was a bit mind blowing!  Finding out the triggers from way back in my childhood has changed everything for me.  Now that I understand, I feel the power they had over me has gone and listening to the recording Julia made me, every night before bed, has really cemented things for me.  I finally feel in control of my eating rather that the other way round.  I am still able to have a treat, but it doesn't cause me to spiral into a binge or suffer from guilt and regret. I have lost 8lbs now and feel I am well on my way to finally being the shape I want. I have also noticed that since the session I was also experiencing self sabotaging in other areas of my life, which have now improved too!


So thank you Julia for your skill and expertise in helping me with all of this, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone.

Steph. from Northern Ireland

I had the pleasure of being able to work with Julia as my Therapist a little while back now.  I had come to her for some confidence issues that I was having that were affecting me daily, in my own  life as well as work..  As I work in high pressure sales, it was imperative that I got myself back on track asap.  I had met Julia through a course we were both on, and she offered to help me by working with me to uncover what the underlying root causes were and why they were having such an effect on who I was and how I was behaving.  The session itself was amazing.  I loved working with Julia who has a naturally calming and friendly personality, which I found really helped me to relax into the session.  It was truly fascinating and together we were able to recognize what had been happening and the beliefs that I had formed and why I was experiencing the issues in my life today, which all suddenly made sense to me.  The recording she gave me to listen to for 21 days was the final piece of the puzzle, helping to install the new beliefs that I wanted going forward.  

Since our time together I have experienced some phenomenal changes as a result.  In one recent work situation, I was able to speak clearly and without panic in front of a large group full of people that I did not know (which would never have happened before!).  I have found the confidence to set my own boundaries and speak up about my needs and wants and have just recently left a 14 year relationship that I was unhappy in for years.  I have just moved into my own house and am thriving.  I fee lighter, free and amazing! The old Steph is making a comeback!

I am so thankful for Julia and her wonderful skills as a therapist, and I recommend her to anyone that is looking for life changing solutions.

Mrs  J. from Australia

Julia has a wonderfully warm presence that permeated the whole RTT session.  

Her attention to detail, professionalism and ability  to really listen, even between the lines, has made her a phenomenal Therapist already.  

I had two scenes that were quite extraordinary, (one previous life, and one pre-birth in heaven), but Julia was not phased, but walked me through them to my absolute gratitude and delight.  

Julia is a very generous Therapist, I was completely at home with her and felt that I was the only person that was important to her in every moment, truly a rare gift in these busy days.  I see the gentle shifts even in this short time and be thrilled to share as my journey unfolds to greater and bigger things.  

Thank you Julia, you are a rare gem.

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