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Sometimes we get so impatient with ourselves.

We hate the way we look - so we take massive action and go on a diet that day and hope to stick to it.

Suddenly we restrict our eating and make ourselves miserable doing so and before we know it we are binge eating again.

We haven't worked out in years, but we want to get fit right now! - right this second!

So we dig out that dvd we've had for years, that's collecting dust in the back of a drawer or closet and play it for the full hour everyday until we lose momentum and have sore muscles.

It doesn't matter what it is you want to change in your life.

Change is deliberate and slow. You focus on where you want to be.

You accept and acknowledge where you're at right now. There's no shame in it. Just be honest with yourself.

You want to get fit and healthy?

Just make a deliberate choice and stop eating those bags of chips, (crisps) and candy (sweets) everyday when you're watching TV.

Implement small shifts.

Add in healthier foods to your diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Don't starve yourself.

Want to move your body?

Go slow and steady. Do 10 minutes to start off with give your body time to adjust and adapt it will love you for it.

Or you can start by going for a 10 min walk. You can increase it over time. There's no rush.

Be kind to yourself. Change takes time.

Slow and steady wins the race.

It's being consistent, practicing. Been mindful, readjusting when need be. Enjoying the process.

Learning about what motivates and inspires you. It's about being aware of who you're becoming on the journey.

But, it's also about being patient and kind to yourself.

Treating yourself lovingly throughout the process. Picking yourself up.

Encouraging yourself when you fall, but getting on with it anyway.

Just small deliberate, manageable shifts make massive changes in your life.

Before you know it you'll see the changes and how it has impacted your life. Before you know it you have the result!

So whatever you decide to change in your life today - enjoy!

Love always.


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