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You weren’t born an emotional eater, no one is!

You didn’t come out of the womb with an ice cream in one hand and a pizza in the other!

You weren’t born with cravings. You weren’t addicted to sugar.

You didn’t wake up one morning addicted to burgers, fries or coffee.

So if you weren’t born that way then you can change it.

It’s a behaviour that’s developed over time.

With us Brits if things aren’t right we reach for the kettle and make a cuppa.

It’s not going to sort the problem, but the action of doing something that soothes the soul a little in that moment helps.

Maybe your mum gave you chocolate when you felt sad.

Maybe you have a fond memory of your grandma who gave you cake when you visited.

Now your grandma is no longer here you associate cake with memories of her.

Maybe when you fell down you got a hug and kiss and a bandaid on your knee as you went back out to play with an ice cream in your hand.

It’s a learned behaviour. It’s a source of comfort or reward.

Overtime this association between emotions and eating becomes deeply ingrained and continues into adulthood.

And it’s something we revert back to when we’re in a stressful situation.

It can be hard on your own when you feel as if you’re the only one struggling.

But it’s a habit or pattern that can be changed.

With awareness and support you can reconnect with food in a healthy way.

Where you’re able to get rid of all the guilt and shame surrounding food.

To be able to stop obsessing about food.

Been able to breathe a sign of relief as you learn to love food again.

Been able to experience mindful eating.

Been able to break free from yo-yo dieting and starving yourself.

Learn to love yourself and your body in an empowering way.

Just been able to have a wonderful relationship with food and your body.

If this is you and you want to hear more DM me.

I would love to give you the freedom and confidence to enjoy your life again.

Love always.


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